Went for a walk in the woods last weekend, not far from home. It was led by flora expert John Hodge and fauna expert Alex Dudley. It was part of a rare pocket of environment called a semi-green vine forest, with the qualities of a dry rainforest. It is alive on a patch near an old dump outside of Bingara, New South Wales, and people over 65 were prying bits of 1950s glass out of the soil path beside the children. I took home a chunk of an old violet bottle and saw some beautiful bits of our world.

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Judy Martinreply
June 1, 2017 at 4:28 pm

Loved the description of the day and the photos illustrated it so vividly. It reminds me of my favorite nature walks with the miniature flowers, shelf fungus and such. Out here at my walking place, I would occasionally find a herd of elk or some random deer, rabbits and black and orange caterpillars. It looks like the weather was about perfect on your excursion. The blessed onset of fall.

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