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50 WordsJanuary 6, 2024


She said she liked his dog, but it was really about Albert. They hadn’t spoke, but she would hover nearby, watching his assurance and easy […]

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50 WordsMay 31, 2017

Last time

Her father came into her room for the last time. Charlotte filled a tin with crackers, stuffed her sister’s ragdoll, Lady Wintermere, down her underpants, […]

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50 WordsMay 8, 2017

Cleaning house

Her pregnancy test was positive, but he drew the line. He would not go back east. “And give up all this?” he shouted as they […]

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50 WordsSeptember 14, 2016

First date

His nostrils froze the moment he left his mother’s, and discovered her neighbor with a red hat and red nose stuck halfway into the road. […]

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50 WordsJune 25, 2016

One snowy Saturday

It was that kind of afternoon. Paul rolled out his dirty jokes to offend Eli, who played indignation with panache. Albert edged each sidewalk, and […]

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50 WordsSeptember 14, 2015

Role model

The little girls look up to her, and her talent. She knew how to sit quietly, patiently, for the time it took Mum to make up […]