Today, I am turning off the net, I am turning off news of the killings, of the hate, the fear, of the violence, of the world flooding into my home through these screens with the ugliness of life that grieves me, that makes me want to scream with outrage, that leaves me feeling like I cannot help.

I have not forgotten, I just need this for today.

This is our world. I just need a little beauty for today. Everybody deserves a little beauty, and I am among the least needy. Somebody who has the luxury of not being chased and assaulted and detained for no reason, not somebody who lives in fear for her life in her own home or on her streets, who can feed herself, and buy food, has a job, has a comfortable shelter and transportation.

I am one of the fortunates. There should be no such thing as fortunates if we are not all fortunates. Because that is how we are born. The rest of us find a way to mess it up for each and every newborn fortunate like this beautiful boy.

Somebody’s son, friend, mentor and our future. This is what we are doing to our future.


-The featured image is Martese Johnson with his lawyer Daniel Watkins. Photo by By Andrew Shurtleff/AP Photo.

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