I was inspired to make my first formal film in 2018, It’s still happening, after two more brutal school shootings in the United States. Since then I have made nine more films for festivals, and many others for community groups and events.
I am an advocate for smartphone filmmaking. It is the most accessible way for me at this time to tell stories through film.

That thing we all share – 2023

A woman responds to a call home, and confronts hard memories.

Official Selection/Winner Best Female Creative: 2023 SF3 Smartfone Flick Fest
Official Selection – 2024 International Mobile Film Festival
Official Selection – 2024 St Kilda Film Festival
Official Selection2024 Toronto Smartphone Film Festival

Surprise! You’re creative – 2022

A woman reviews craft projects to connect with the world, with varying levels of success.

Award Nominee: 2022 AltFF Alternative Film Festival
Official Selection: 2022 SF3 Smartfone Flick Fest
Winner – Short comedy: 2023 Paris Lady Moviemakers Festival
Semi-finalist: 2023 Dublin Movie Awards

Official Selection/Winner – International Short: 2024 Austin Revolution Film Festival

an exchange – 2021

Two strangers, a seller and a buyer, connect about the relevance of experience.
Official Selection: 2021 SF3 Smartfone Flick Fest
Award Winner: 2021 Roshani International Film Festival

and so it went – 2020

A woman seeks to recover a picture of who she was when distance, time and isolation interfere with memories of her past.
Official Selection: 2020 SF3 Smartfone Flick Fest
Best International Experimental Short: 2020 AltFF Film Festival
Official Selection: 2021 Dublin Smartphone Film Festival
Official Selection/Nominee: 2021 International Mobile Film Festival
Winner – Narrative: 2021 Splice Film Festival


A story about a couple with a mission to give animals a chance for a better life.
Finalist: 2020 SF3 Smartfone Flick Fest
Official Selection: 2021 New York Lift-Off Film Festival
Official Selection: 2022 The NewsFest
Official Selection/Nominee: 2022 Austin
Revolution Film Festival
Award Winner: 2022 Roshani International Film Festival

am i a good person? – 2020

A story of a story told on a train platform, testing the meaning of goodness. Short experimental film.

Homage – 2019

A woman makes a journey towards closure.

Semi-finalist: 2019 AltFF Alternative Film Festival
Semi-finalist: 2020 Los Angeles CineFest

interview – 2019

Faced with her age and limited options, a woman prepares for job interviews.
View on YouTube HERE

Official Selection: 2019 SF3 Smartfone Flick Fest
Official Selection: 2019 Top Shorts
Monthly Winner: 2019 Changing Face International Film Festival
Official Selection: 2020 Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival

BOXES – 2018

A woman grows dependent upon something mysterious.
Official Selection: 2019 Toronto Smartphone Film Festival
Official Selection: 2019 The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards

it’s still happening – 2018

A personal reaction to the relentlessness of school shootings in the United States by an American abroad.
View on YouTube HERE
Grand Prize: 2018 North West Film Festival
Official Selection: 2019 Santiago Independent Film Awards
Official Selection: 2019 Dumbo Film Festival
Official Selection: 2019 Top Shorts Film Festival
Finalist: 2019 Global Shorts