I’ve read lot of chatter on social media from people grudgingly agreeing to vote for Hillary Clinton after the DNC. I find this an example of limited thinking.

As a Bernie Sanders supporter, I am very disappointed the man did not get over the line, but I am puzzled people who had pledged to give him their vote need convincing to back the Democrats. There is no other party with a chance in 2016.

In my mind, a vote for any other candidate is a vote for Donald Trump. No matter taking a stand against the system, can America afford the risk of endorsing such a dangerous candidate?

For some voters, Hillary may be the better of two poor options. I am not saying I feel that way, but it seems to be the prevailing opinion held by many who barracked for Bernie.

Watching him wait out the wall of discontent when he urged supporters to vote for Hillary at the convention, when he publicly placed the welfare of the country’s future into another’s hands, I felt dismayed any person with the wherewithal to back the man’s judgment could so easily turn against him. It revealed the fragility, or poverty, of trust.

It was a Biblical moment; the crowds turning against their messiah. It was ugly, and I suppose, an example of human fallibility.


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