In the meantime

I hit a kangaroo on the way home on the weekend. It was that low, blinding winter afternoon sun, but I still saw him – five foot tall Powerful.

He was obviously weighing up the option of running into the road, or doubling back into the trees. Panic overtook him and in one leap, he was in front of my car. I saw him early, slowed, but his hesitancy, my speed, still caused me to clip him as he leapt. He spun like bottle to the far shoulder.  

I had the car pulled over in a few seconds, and got out to see the roo bounding off, over a fence and into a distant paddock. I checked the car and saw no damage. It felt like a miracle.

That moment was my life in the past nine months. Stripped of what creativity I had left, drained of energy and all that space replaces with stress. Decisions were made, and action taken. I’m rebuilding. 

I made this video in the interim for the everydays. It was a stab at where I used to be, and where I’m leaping.

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