Somebody, it was my husband actually, suggested that I start a blog. I immediately rebelled, as I often do without thinking things through.

“I’m not like that,” I argued.

I should say, I’m not into all that self-examination. I examine myself and then I remember why I don’t examine myself. I don’t want to know what I’m about.

“You could write articles, and post photos. You love taking photos,” he said to me.

“Aaahhhh,” I said.

“Well, all I’m saying is, think about it.”

So I had a think. A grudging think.

This all took place in early October in Oak Park, Illinois, where I spent the greater part of my childhood. That’s a suburb off the west side of Chicago, and I was visiting my parents and my brother who have lived in the house since 1976. That’s a whole other story that I’ll save for another time except to say I feel like the old hometown is like an amusement park now.

Anyhow, after Chicago, we had a few days in DC, where I thought about the job, thought about the blog. I flew home musing about the whole deal.

I’m a journalist at a small regional paper, and in the course of my job, I have had the pleasure  of meeting many interesting and frequently inspiring people.

Because of those people, I had considered about writing a book of my own earlier this year about the personalities who live in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, here in Australia.

Then I thought, I want more than that. I get angry, but more frequently, I feel incredible joy about things. I feel indignant about politics and proud of people I’ve never met. In any case, I need to do more with the time I have left in the week. My life. I’m halfway though. I’m getting saggy, but I don’t want my mind to get saggy.

So there you go. That’s the thing.

I called the site ‘It’s going ok’. The name seemed appropriate because when people ask how my life is, my automatic response seems to be, “It’s going ok”. Just like when I inadvertently get zapped by the electric fence or get bit by a big ant, I yell, “Fuckin-A!”

It also seems to reflect the state of the world. As we warm up, kill each other, show disregard for our resources and each other, at the same time, so many are working to reverse the cycle, and it is going ok. We are still here. There is time.

This website is a place for things I hear on the news on the way into work each day, on the way home. People who have something to say or share, short fiction, photography, I might even try my hand at some video if I can figure out how to work the program.

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by and come back if you have time. There is more to say. There is always something to say.



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November 4, 2014 at 10:23 am

Please DO write a book. You have the gift, I hope the desire is there too. There is a flow to your words Michele that is captivating, to me at least. Oh, and Fuckin’ A!!! (Did I mention the black widow spider bite a few weeks ago…)

November 4, 2014 at 9:34 pm
– In reply to: Kathy

Waa-a black widow? That would merit a real fuckin’ A! Thanks for writing and stopping in. I’ll keep it coming.

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