Last time

Her father came into her room for the last time.

Charlotte filled a tin with crackers, stuffed her sister’s ragdoll, Lady Wintermere, down her underpants, and walked away from the house without talking to anybody. As she pushed into the forest, the familiar calls of the other children died away. 


Photo: ‘Children of coal miners. Scotts Run, West Virginia’. Medium format nitrate negative by Marion Post Wolcott, September 1938

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Judy Martinreply
June 1, 2017 at 4:50 pm

I was reading a little of Girl of the Limberlost a while back and there was a description of a lunch pail in that. And Dorothy found a dinner pail tree in Oz. That’s what the little girl is carrying. You could run away with a dinner pail. Maybe a drumstick and chicken wing along with the crackers and a few other priceless possessions. The key to the lost door and the marble and crayons she stole from her brother.

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