I am afraid I could lose my job tomorrow.

This concern has unconsciously hung above my head for weeks, and I though my approach to this company restructure/downsize that might eliminate my position has been soldier on, and live in in the moment, in the past 48 hours, I’ve been sick with dread.

It’s kept me from writing here on the web site since I’ve put all my creative powers into work, and my focus has been drifty.

But last night, I felt like an ass about all this.

I caught the end of an SBS Dateline program about the boys forcibly recruited by ISIS, or ISIL, Islamic State or Da’ish or Daesh or Islamic State or whatever they call themselves nowadays.

One boy named Omar resisted in body as well as thoughts, and ISIS cut off one foot, and his opposing hand as a lesson to all other boys they dare not resist.

This young boy, only 14, escaped the violence, but has nothing. He is desperate, despondent, his stumps wrapped in bandages, buried in poverty.

I’ll know tomorrow if I still have a job. Or at least some idea about what the future will bring. This news will come to me, an educated woman with a life of great potential, compared to this boy who is facing more adversity tonight than I will likely face in a lifetime.

I am so lucky. I am so lucky.

-The image above is of Omar.

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