Off the map

I drove down to Tamworth via Inverell and Uralla today. I had a little business to take care of in Inverell, so I ended up going through the Moonbis on the New England Highway into Tamworth.

Homeward, I took my usual route through Manilla, Bingara and up Fossicker’s Way.

During this week off, I needed time away from the house, away from town, and though it meant about 6 hours in the car with little walking-around time, I had to go.

Just south of Bundarra on Thunderbolt’s Way, I drove over the brand-new Emu-Crossing Bridge that has replaced a nearly 100-year-old bridge that is always closed when the river’s in flood.

It’s so new it has overtaken mapping. Over the river I went. Shiny bridge complete with workmen installing new guardrails, spanking-new highway.


I had the GPS up and running , and when I looked over at the GPS, I laughed out loud.

I was driving across country.

No roads.

I might have been flying.

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