Scene from Australia Day, 2014.

I love this photo because of the earnest expression of the young girl in the white dress.

On a day of frothy dresses and snags on the grill, special awards and speeches, this moment of intimacy with her friend seems rare.

There is an air of self-reflection in this girl. Comfort in sharing something with her friend, absently twirling her hair.

This girl has an expression that she will wear in 10 years, talking about the satisfaction she felt earning her first college degree; in 20 years, sharing the moment she saw her newborn child for the first time.

Maybe it is the face her best friend will see when she talks about the moment she fell in love; the best book she ever read; the moment she ran across the line in her first marathon.

Picking up the keys to her first car. Seeing a wild koala. Getting into medical school. Saving a life.


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