This space is usually reserved for my own words, but today, I am sharing a link to site called It Takes Us (

The image above by Joe Quint is taken from his site. The caption reads that these are young women, Myzinae and Whitney. The two friends still regularly visit the corner where Akeal, Whitney’s boyfriend, was killed over two years ago.

The site’s gallery on the Faces of Gun Violence shows the reality of pain and loss inflicted by gun violence. This might be related to murder, mass shooting, accidental death, suicide, domestic violence.

There are also links to personal stories and images. It’s a tremendous site.

Joe talks about the cataylst for It Takes Us in his bio page. He writes:

And that’s when I realized that it’s going to take all of us. We can’t afford to wait for someone else to step up and address this epidemic. We all need to get involved in whatever ways suit our skills, talents, and passions best.

For me, this means meeting and photographing survivors of gun violence as well as the friends and family members of gun violence victims… and telling their diverse stories of trauma, grief, and strength. I want to show how the crisis extends far beyond the typical media narrative of urban violence to include domestic abuse, suicide, children being injured or killed by unsecured guns in their homes, and so many more tragic cases. By shining a light on these people, and allowing viewers to relate to them on a personal level and maybe even see their own families story in the stories of others, I hope to create a dialogue and action that will lead to meaningful change.

I feel compelled to share Joe’s site and his incredible vision to give these people, and those lost, a voice in the face of the inanity of America’s gun laws and gun culture. Please take a look. If anything, it tells us that gun violence does not discriminate.

Thank you Joe.

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