So if you want to debate gun control…

Those who hold court in the forum of gun control and gun violence might be defined by power, horror, truth, fear, strength, rage, ignorance.  But not beauty.

Never beauty.

This American issue is a tsunami and  Nardyne Jefferies has taken an extraordinary step towards shaking reality in the faces of those who could change the law.

The photo above, taken by Lexey Swall for The Trace, is Nardyne, holding an autopsy photo of her 16-year-old daughter, Brishell Jones, gunned down with an AK-47.

She is brandishing this image, not of the live child she lost, but the child she lost torn apart by gun violence flayed open on the pathologist’s table.

Talk about courage and conviction.

I am astounded the people who could change gun legislation are too cowardly to face up to these images.

You can find the article by Jennifer Mascia about Nardyne in The Trace here.

The Trace is a young, brilliant online publication to inform about gun violence.