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100 wordsMarch 9, 2024


If he’d had more space, he would have added another line.As it was, the size of the first line pretty much dictated how large the […]

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100 wordsJanuary 10, 2024


There was uproar in the morning. Her brother burned the breakfast, and she left, slamming the door so hard she heard the framed photo of […]

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100 wordsJanuary 6, 2024


Her daddy smoked Camels, and mommy smoked Pall Malls. All the mommies smoked Pall Malls. Camels smelled different. “You give her too much,” her grandma […]

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100 wordsAugust 14, 2023


Philip woke up on his twenty-eighth birthday alone. It wasn’t unusual. He had a deep fear of relationships, and a sense of personal inadequacy his […]