I fell in love with the work of Yang Yongliang in 2010.

I went into Melbourne for the day and spent a couple hours wandering around the arcades and alleys around Bourke, Flinders and Collins Streets. Then I walked down to the National Gallery of Victoria checking in with favorite pieces and spending time in galleries I had not yet seen.

I needed to use the bathroom, and outside the men’s and women’s rooms was a comfortable seating area with a large screen. On it was this:

It is titled Phantom Landscape from 2010. I recommend you watch it in full-screen.

The Chinese artist creates pieces to elegantly represent the dereliction of a rich Chinese historical tradition, arts and culture with the roadrunner of modernization, and all its requisite ugliness.

They are sublime images and mesmerizing moving scenes.

His latest piece is below, From the New World. Best to view it on his web site as large as possible. All the pieces are engrossing in their detail and draw the viewer in to his cerebral world and the transportation of reality, like Doctor Who, shifting through time, never docking, leaving magic in his wake.

From the New World


-The featured image is titled Artificial Wonderland II: Wintery Forest in the Night by Yang Yongliang from 2014. Check it out here on Yang’s site to examine it under the magnifying glass. It’s pretty special.

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