Wet woods

It is dry again. Hot, but thankfully not that blistering ridiculousness we had a few weeks ago before the rain.

I went outside tonight and scented smoke on the wind. I was one of the fortunate people who lived too close to the Black Saturday fires, because I came through without a loss.

But I know several who lost a lot on that day that began with clear blue skies and ended with temperatures of 117 degrees and a wind that blew like a convection oven. Thankfully, nobody I knew lost a life.

Since that frightening time,  when the skies were choked with smoke, ashes drifted onto the house and the air was acrid with the smell of burning trees for weeks,  I feel anxious when that scent is alive in the air, like it is tonight. We are surrounded by bush with only one way out.

These photos were taken about a month ago when we enjoyed some much-needed rain. Just some pictures from the southwest corner of the property.

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